Zouster - Property Managers

Don’t waste hours searching for the right contractor when Zouster can do the work for you! Signing into Zouster instantly connects you with local vendors who are ready to get to work.

Zouster automates and streamlines the entire bidding process, allowing you to post a project in seconds and quickly find the right contractor for the job. After you submit a work order, alerts will be sent to qualified vendors showing them that a new job in their industry has just been posted. After careful review of each vendor, you select which one best fits your needs.

Zouster translates into potential savings for you! Through Zouster’s live, reverse auction, vendors are able to view their competitors’ bids. In order to remain a viable option, vendors will generally adjust their bids to ensure they are being competitive. This means you get top-notch work for less!

With Zouster, finding the right vendor is no longer impossible. Start posting your jobs today to find qualified vendors in your area!