Zouster - Vendors

As a vendor, Zouster connects you with local property managers, owners and developers, giving you the luxury of picking the jobs and the people you want to work with. In fact, with Zouster you can bid on an unlimited number of jobs to build your network and your business from the ground up without ever paying for a lead.

As a vendor, you will no longer have to wonder whether your bid is in the ballpark of your competition. While all names, work history, etc. are obscured and kept anonymous, Zouster’s innovative live, reverse auction allows you to easily view your competitors’ bids in real-time.

Finding jobs is now easier than ever. Simply create a profile, showcase your company by including pictures of recent work, browse through jobs in your selected area, and submit a bid to compete in a live, reverse auction! When new jobs you want are posted, Zouster will also send you alerts.